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CNN’s Jim Acosta Thinks Writing “Fact Check” in His Tweet Makes It Real News. Fact Check: It Doesn’t.


CNN’s Jim Acosta Thinks Writing “Fact Check” in His Tweet Makes It Real News. Fact Check: It Doesn’t.

Leftist CNN reporter Jim Acosta attempted, again, to attack President Trump and the White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, because that’s all the Left seems to be paid to do these days. In a recent tweet, he claimed that the White House says that “Pocahontas” is not a racial slur, while adding, “(Fact Check: it is.)”

No, it isn’t.

If it is, then Disney, the biggest purveyor of Leftist messages through the media, is also racist for producing the animated classic “Pocahontas.”

Simply telling the truth about disgraced Senator Elizabeth Warren, who famously lied about having Cherokee heritage, is not racist. Lying about your race and disrespecting an entire Native American bloodline to take advantage of the system, as Elizabeth “Faux-cahontas” Warren did time and time again to falsely promote herself and give herself an easy advantage over others, could be racist however.

I personally cannot decide what is more hilarious: the fact that President Trump called Warren “Pocahontas” at his event, or the fact that is causes so many liberals to explode, because they cannot do anything about it.

Thanks, President Trump, once again. You always make our day!

Here is the tweet by Acosta:

Instead of the Fake News media reporting, correctly, on how Senator Warren is a fraud, they attack our President for reminding all Americans that she, in fact, is a fraud.

Fact check, Jim Acosta: You’re still lying to try and spread division, but we all see through you. You’re still VERY fake news.

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