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EUROPISTAN: The West Needs to Wake Up Before It’s Too Late


EUROPISTAN: The West Needs to Wake Up Before It’s Too Late

This concerns every freedom-loving citizen of a civilized nation worldwide.

Paris is no longer a paradise. London has been under attack multiple times. Germany is a hellhole. Sweden is burning.

Americans vacationing in southern France have been mowed down by a radical Islamist in a truck. Suicide bombers and automatic-rifle-wielding Islamist have slaughtered hundreds across Europe in separate attacks at concert venues (think Ariana Grande and Eagles of Death Metal) and sporting events (think Stade de France) and marketplaces (think Munich) and public transportation stations (think EVERYWHERE in Europe during the last few years).

Europe is turning into a Eurabia, or a Europistan. The invasion is on.

The tremendous influx of Muslim refugees, ranging from poor freeloaders to radical Jihadists, will eventually conquer and destroy Europe as we know it through cultural jihad, better explained as population replacement.

Think about it. A fringe group of Muslims actually subscribe to the terror group ideology and commit the horrendous crimes against humanity, but we all know that it is in their religion to do so, and even those who don’t join support it. So, the so-called moderate Muslims can have 4 wives, and if you see the statistics, around the world, Muslims breed over a 3 to 1 average over the other religious and ethnic groups they “coexist” with. This is all part of a plan that started with the pedophile prophet in the 7th century.

There are 4 stages of Islamic dominance in the Islamic conquest:

Stage 1 is “Infiltration.”

During this stage, Muslims begin migrating to non-Muslim nations, and progressively increase in numbers. While the cultural differences are obvious, and often awkward, they remain silent and subtle with their way of life.

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Stage 2 is “Consolidation of Power.”

Muslims are now an engrained part of the community, and begin converting some fools, and both the immigrants and local converts begin to increase their demands for accommodation, whether it be on the job, in public, in education , social services, or any other public field.

Stage 3 is “Open War on Existing Leadership and Local Culture.”

This is where the Muslim population has grown to become so significant that they are empowered to openly attempt to impose their radical Sharia law and all applicable cultural and religious obligations and restrictions. If they do not succeed, “no-go zones” are established where the Muslim population dominates in order to slowly gain territorial authority.

Stage 4 is “Establishing a Totalitarian Radical Islamic Theocracy.”

It’s over at this point. Islam is now the only official and recognized “supreme religion and law of the land,” and every other culture and religion is either eradicated or made to be second-class citizens and slaves to the Muslim authorities.

Equate it to Nazism or cancer, except it is more dangerous, because it is a long-term, religious agenda where one single life doesn’t matter.

Wake up, people.

Otherwise, Europe will be Europistan by 2030, and they have America on their radar.


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