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#ELLENWEINSTEIN: Ellen DeGeneres Gets CRUSHED on Twitter for Sexist Tweet to Katy Perry. See the Tweet …


#ELLENWEINSTEIN: Ellen DeGeneres Gets CRUSHED on Twitter for Sexist Tweet to Katy Perry. See the Tweet …

The double standard, the lesbian privilege, is absolutely glaring here, folks.

Ultra-liberal and talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres has been suffering some major blowback over her sexist tweet she sent to Katy Perry just yesterday.

You may have heard, but news broke out almost instantly claiming lesbian privilege and a double standard for liberals as a result of the tweet. The outrage has only gotten worse.

Here is the tweet:

People are now saying that this is totally unacceptable, and have dubbed DeGeneres “Ellen Weinstein” on social media.

The truth is that, had anyone other than a liberal celebrity posted this photo, they would have been shamed around town just as Weinstein and many others in Hollywood have been recently.

The hashtag #ellenweinstein has been trending on Twitter.

This is not appropriate, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, and couldn’t have come at a worse time. What a lack of judgement this airhead possesses for posting this insensitive tweet at a time where the floodgates have opened on Hollywood’s rape and molestation culture.

How is this even close to acceptable given everything going on in Hollywood, or Harveywood, as it is better known today?

If she were a man, she would have gotten blasted for this.

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Source: Fox News

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