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DONE: Harvey Weinstein’s Wife Calls It Quits in Statement on Husband’s Sex Scandals


DONE: Harvey Weinstein’s Wife Calls It Quits in Statement on Husband’s Sex Scandals

Georgina Chapman, the wife of Democrat-donor and sex pervert Harvey Weinstein, has decided to leave her scandal-plagued husband over the sexual assault debacle.

In a statement given to People, Chapman expresses that she is heartbroken, and that she would respect the media’s privacy while she deals with her children and the transition.

Words cannot describe the lunacy of Weinstein’s actions.

What an ego-maniac this guy is.

He has everything: fame, fortune, a beautiful family, a solid career, a good production company, and a vast network of professionals, and he gave it all up to be a sleaze ball.

People would do anything to be granted the opportunity Weinstein had, and look at what he did with it.

Maybe he thought the Democrats and Hollywood liberal mafia would cover all of it up.

But the truth always comes out.

And now this man has lost his job, his reputation, and his family.


According to the Washington Examiner:

Harvey Weinstein’s wife, fashion designer Georgina Chapman, says she is leaving him after multiple allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

“My heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain because of these unforgivable actions. I have chosen to leave my husband. Caring for my young children is my first priority and I ask the media for privacy at this time,” Chapman said in a statement to People.

Three women accused the producer of sexual assault in a report in the New Yorker on Tuesday. A New York Times report last week alleged multiple instances of sexual harassment dating back decades.

In response to the New Yorker piece, a spokesperson for Weinstein said, “Any allegations of non-consensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein.”

Chapman and Weinstein, who married in 2007, have two children.

On Sunday, Weinstein was fired by the board of his company.

I have no words.

I’ve seen selfish, and I’ve seen narcissistic, but both of those words are not enough here.

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This is madness, and the victims are paying as big of a price as the offender in this case.

Pray for the children.

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Source: The Washington Examiner


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