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Don Jnr. Was A STING OPERATION – Russian Lawyer Was Meeting With Obama All Along!

Russian Lawyer Was Meeting With Obama


Don Jnr. Was A STING OPERATION – Russian Lawyer Was Meeting With Obama All Along!

The latest story for all Major News Outlets is the Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer (who is being portrayed as an Agent) to receive information about Hillary Clinton that would have damaged her campaign. But everything is not what it seems, in fact, it is beginning to look more and more like a Sting operation set up by the Democrats themselves.

  • The lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya was actually denied a visa to enter the US until she appealed. At this point, someone granted her a letter of Parole (this is unusual unless someone in a high position steps in).
  • in her sworn affidavit, she wrote that she was working for a company called Fusion GPS. This company is the exact one hired by the DNC to dig up dirt on political opponents during the election.
  • Natalia Veselnitskaya actually appeared with Obama’s Ambassador to Russia at a Committee hearing just five days after the meeting with Don Jr. took place (back in June 2016).

How is it possible that a woman who was recently denied a proper visa to the US ends up sitting with a high-level Diplomat in the heart of government? How is it that someone who claims to work for a company that the DNC employs is “unknown” to the DNC?

This was nothing but a Sting against the trumps. The DNC planned the whole lot from the beginning and thought they could get away with it. Unfortunately for them, they ar not as smart as they think.

As reported in The Federalist Papers:

As the fallout continues over Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian attorney, people are beginning to wonder exactly what connections Natalia Veselnitskaya had with Democratic operatives.

The Kremlin denies knowing Veselnitskaya and she herself said she had no intention of speaking to Trump Jr. about any incriminating evidence against Hillary Clinton (though it seems pretty clear he was duped into thinking so).

So who is Natalia Veselnitskaya? A well-connected Russian lawyer. And by “well-connected,” we don’t mean in Republican circles.

Just eight days after her meeting with Trump Jr. in Trump Tower, Veselnitskaya mysteriously appeared sitting right behind then-President Obama’s ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul during a Foreign Affairs committee hearing:

Here’s another shot, with Natalia Veselnitskaya circled by The Gateway Pundit. The meeting was June 14 and was about Russian involvement in Ukraine.

Also – sitting next to Veselnitskaya is Emin Agalarov. Another man mentioned in Trump Jr.’s emails. He’s the man who set up the meeting between the two.

Keep in mind as well, that both of these individuals are connected with Fusion GPS, a Democratic opposition research firm believed to be behind the leaking of the fake “dossier” against President Trump.

So why are Veselnitskaya is Emin Agalarov hanging out with Barack Obama’s top Russian officials? Were they working with the administration to set a trap for the Trump campaign?

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