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DISGUSTING: Dem Chair Urges Cheering CA Convention Crowd to Chant the UNTHINKABLE…


DISGUSTING: Dem Chair Urges Cheering CA Convention Crowd to Chant the UNTHINKABLE…

Last weekend, the vile and intolerant Democrats of California assembled in Sacramento for a state convention. They found it fitting and appropriate to collectively chant “F*ck Donald Trump!” during the event, led the entire time by disgusting Democrat Chair John Burton.

What a miserable and tasteless group the democratic socialists of California turned out to be. They either cannot, or don’t know how to, handle defeat in an appropriate manner, and to top it off, their sick leader doesn’t know how to act like a man. Have some respect for yourself, at least, sir.

It is sad to see so many mindless followers who fear to stand up and defy someone who borders on maniac, or should I say, child-like craziness. Good luck supporting and following such a loser.

AP reports:

“SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California’s elected Democrats had tough words for President Donald Trump and the GOP Congress on Saturday, urging their party’s fired-up activists to work against the 14 Republicans in the state’s congressional delegation.”

“The party’s leaders blasted Trump’s alleged ties to Russia and presented California as the epicenter of liberal resistance to the president.”

“ ‘The world, literally the world, is counting on all of you, counting on California to reject Trump’s deception and destructiveness,’ said Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is among a crowded field of Democrats running for governor next year.”

“U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, often mentioned as a potential candidate for president in 2020, accused Trump of putting ‘Russia first, America second.’ ”

“The convention comes less than a week after the U.S. Justice Department appointed a special prosecutor to investigate whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during last year’s election — a charge Trump has vehemently denied and called a witch hunt.”

“In a sign of the vigor of the party’s distaste for the president, outgoing party Chair John Burton, a longtime Democratic lawmaker and powerbroker known for his blunt and profane manner, extended two middle fingers in the air as the crowd cheered and joined him.”

“ ‘F— Donald Trump,’ he said.”

“California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte said Democrats are focused on Trump to avoid talking about their own policies, including a recent decision to raise gas taxes and vehicle fees to pay for road improvements.”


It is no secret that the desperate Democrats’ only agenda is to try to sidetrack and befuddle voters by attacking and obstructing Republicans and their America-first policies. The ultra-liberal Democrats of California openly state that they prefer socialism and far-left policies, yet it looks like, in reality, they simply despise traditional values and conservatives.

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I find it interesting that Berkeley snowflakes can vandalize property, riot in the streets, assault innocent individuals, and burn cars, yet this loon is nowhere to be found.

What do you think the media would have done had a Republican representative lead a chant shouting, “F*ck Barack Obama!”? Every single mainstream (fake news) media outlet would be ranting about it for weeks, labeling it “racism” and “xenophobia,” among other popular terms used by the ever-so-tolerant liberals.

Yet a California Democrat openly encourages and triggers this disgusting behavior and all we get are crickets from the liberal media. Thank goodness for the digital age, where the truth is readily available and where you cannot silence people’s opinions for too long.

As it stands, the Democrats have labeled any speech they do not like a “hate speech.” They only approve of freedom of speech if they agree with it. That is a symptom of fascism, folks. They go as far as pressure law enforcement to put you in prison over some beefed up “hate speech” allegations.

Many Americans have had enough of these despicable displays of abhorrence towards President Trump. Despite that, knowing the hypocrisy and childishness of the majority of today’s Leftists, it seems highly unlikely that these disorderly displays of resentment towards our President will end in the near future.

Please share this EVERYWHERE if you are as outraged as most Americans, and let us know what YOU think by leaving a comment below!


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