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DISGUSTING: Black Pastor Thrown Out of Upscale Gym, Banned for Life for Supporting Trump


DISGUSTING: Black Pastor Thrown Out of Upscale Gym, Banned for Life for Supporting Trump

How low can the left go, folks?

I seem to ask this question each and every day to no avail.

An upscale LA fitness center threw an African American pastor out and proceeded to ban him from their facilities for life due to his support of President Trump.

Talk about the party of intolerance.

Liberals cannot stand Trump supporters because they cannot stand the truth. They have a problem with facts.

An employee of Equinox Sports Club in Los Angeles reportedly rushed at the pastor and physically threatened him, yelling at him and berating him before kicking him out.

How disgusting.

The pastor’s name is Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson.

He is seeking civil rights damages, rightfully so, and politely asking for an apology for this disgusting subhuman display of ignorance and intolerance.

According to the Daily Caller:

A posh Los Angeles fitness center kicked a black pastor out and banned him for life because, the pastor says, a white employee overheard him expressing support for President Donald Trump.

The employee allegedly charged at the pastor, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, in a physically threatening manner — coming within inches of his face — and yelled “You support Donald Trump!”

Peterson, 68, is now asking for an apology and seeking civil rights damages.

The incident occurred on August 11 at Equinox Sports Club Los Angeles.

The pastor’s no-good, very bad day began while he was discussing racial issues and defending Trump on his mobile phone during a live broadcast of the Bill Cunningham radio show.

Peterson chose to conduct the radio interview in a room described as a utility closet on the first floor of the Equinox facility — near the lobby area. (The actual gym equipment is upstairs.)

“He had been making semi-frequent radio appearances by phone from that gym for six years,” Anthony Kohrs, an attorney representing Peterson, told The Daily Caller. “He finds a spot where there isn’t a lot of background noise. He never had a problem. He’s even been given permission by employees to use their offices.”

On this particular day, an employee whom Peterson says he had never seen overheard Peterson on the phone and summoned a colleague.

The second employee, who identified himself to Peterson as “Scott,” allegedly demanded that Peterson leave the gym and told him that his membership was terminated effective immediately.

Peterson asked for an explanation but, he says, “Scott” would not provide one.

“Scott” — who reportedly described himself as an Equinox manager — refused to allow Peterson to speak to anyone else.

According to Peterson’s version of events, Peterson responded by saying he did not understand why he was being asked to leave or why his his membership was being revoked.

This should be considered a crime and not go unnoticed or unpunished.

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People are allowed to believe in whatever they want to believe in, and this liberal had no right to threaten or discriminate against the pastor for his beliefs.

Share to expose the intolerance of the left. President Trump is doing a fantastic job at exposing the crazies.


Source: The Daily Caller


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