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WOW! Burqa-clad Radical Muslim Got WAY More than She Bargained For When She Tried to DEFY a Judge in a US Court of Law!


WOW! Burqa-clad Radical Muslim Got WAY More than She Bargained For When She Tried to DEFY a Judge in a US Court of Law!

A defiant Muslim woman, fully veiled in a burqa, got WAY more than she bargained for when she attempted to use her disgrace of a religion as a shield and an excuse to not stand in a US court of law.

This is America. You obey our laws and our laws only. NOTHING else.

There is no such thing as “Peaceful Islam” or “Peaceful Muslims.” They have not progressed into the modern world.

According to Mad World News:

Moutia Elzahed filed a massive lawsuit against the police officers, demanding compensation for alleged “assault and battery, wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, and intimidation” of her and her family.

When Judge Audrey Balla agreed to hear her case, Elzahed first repaid her generosity by refusing to remove her face covering, saying that it was against her religion to allow inferior infidels to gaze upon her face.

Because Elzahed refused to comply with the court’s order, Judge Balla refused to hear her evidence. The drama, however, didn’t end there.

When Judge Balla exited the courtroom, Elzahed refused to rise in honor of the judge’s authority, proclaiming that she “won’t stand for anyone except Allah…”

The Daily Telegraph reports that since Elzahed has refused a third time to remove her veil and stand when Judge Balla enters and exits the courtroom, the stubborn Muslim woman has been inundated with “9 charges of disrespectful behavior in court.” Each count carries a maximum penalty of 14 days in prison and a $1,100 fine, leaving Elzahed to face a total of 126 days in prison and $9,900 in fines if convicted of all her offenses.

You want to be respected? Then respect the laws in the country you are living in, if you can’t abide by them then leave. It is as simple as that.

Respect our laws or go back where you came from and disrespect your own laws. See how well that turn out.

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Islam is NOT a religion!!!!! It is a “Male chauvinistic political ideology” that uses God as a reason for world domination and an excuse for the atrocities committed by the men and allows for the brutal subjugation and rape of women and female children!!!!! And Sharia law is meant to keep the masses under control with brutality and fear!!!!! They are raised from birth to think that they are above all others and their laws. They only have to answer to Allah and Sharia law.

The law while they have her in their hands needs to be carried to the plane with ticket handcuffed until on plane and sent back to where she came. Deportation is the answer.

You see these people, think they are superior and do not belong in this country. They will never assimilate.

She is in contempt, so there should be an automatic fine and/or jail time, no exceptions!

These people have been fighting among themselves for 2,000 years. And to think or term these people as refugees is ludicrous.
Muslims are spreading worldwide and have no intention of assimilating in their host countries. The intention is to make the world Muslim.

I’m glad that our Supreme Court ruled in favor of President Trump’s travel ban. It’s a start.


Source: Mad World News


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