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College Student Triggered by Pro Trump Sign


College Student Triggered by Pro Trump Sign

It appears as though liberals are becoming more unhinged with each passing day. Earlier this morning, a student at Western Washington University melted down over a man holding a pro-Trump sign.

The front of the sign read, “Trump, borders, laws, jobs, liberty” while the back said, “Jesus judges you, repent or perish.” In the video, the woman is seen screaming, throwing paint on the ground, and ignoring all of the people who attempt to calm her down.

See her mental breakdown here:


The woman’s breakdown is alarming for a plethora of reasons. For starters, this is a college student and a person who is supposed to be one of the future leaders of America.

Recent news over the past few weeks has shown that colleges are breeding ill-prepared young people. The demands for “safe spaces” signify gross immaturity and the fact that college students have no idea for what awaits them in the real working world.

What has America come to? What awaits our nation if this woman represents this nation’s leading generation? This disturbing behavior speaks to the fact that college students are being groomed to react to any opposing opinions with mania and violence.

Please share this unbelievable video with your friends and followers on social media. Join in on the discussion and leave your thoughts about this woman’s outrageous conduct in the comments section below.

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