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Christian Cake Shop Owner Facing Constant Harassment From Gay Rights Activists



Christian Cake Shop Owner Facing Constant Harassment From Gay Rights Activists

The nationally famous case of a Christian bakery owner being chased through the courts by Gay rights activists has taken a darker turn for the worse. Since the initial hearing back in 2012, Mr. Philipps and his family have been constantly harassed and threatened by phone calls and letters, internet abuse, and of course business difficulties. But the case should never have gone this far.

The reality is that Mr. Phillips did not refuse service to the customers, he asked them to choose from anything in the shop…And is there anyone who still believes this was not a Sting operation designed to hurt a Christian for their beliefs?  The bakery was specifically targeted as a way of promoting Gay Rights at the expense of Christians; it was always meant to go to court from day one.

Regardless of your beliefs, the fact that this was a huge multi-billion dollar activist cause against a small business owner should disturb everyone. From the start, the MSM played right along with the narrative. It is just unfortunate that real people are getting hurt in the name of publicity.

The true test of this is if a devout Muslim bakery would have been targeted in the same way. If the Gay Rights “Crusaders” were really the heroes of Liberty the claim to be, then why not try and ask a devout, evangelical Muslim to make the same cake? Would they? And would they pursue the “criminals” through the court system, harass them on the phone? Would the MSM be talking about what “disgraceful bigots” they are?

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This is the reality. In today’s political climate, Christians are easier targets. The Left wants to destroy everything that is of “the old world” (just like Mao Zedong did in Communist China with the destruction of “the olds”, right before sending people away to “re-education camps” from which few returned).


As reported in the Daily Caller:

With the controversy reaching the Supreme Court, Phillips remains adamant that he never refused service to the couple; rather, he invited them to select anything in his store. But Phillips says he had to say no to becoming personally involved int he couple’s wedding because he opposes same-sex marriage and the Bible proscribes homosexual relations

The case is likely to be first heard in the fall of this year.

Philllips’ gay opponents remain hostile in their position. “This has always been about more than a cake,” David Mullins, who went to Phillips for the wedding cake, told Fox News. “Businesses should not be allowed to violate the law and discriminate against us because of who we are and who we love.”

The Gay couple were not “denied” a cake. They did not have their rights violated. They were welcome to purchase a cake. This was a set up all along and it brings shame to those who promote an otherwise just cause.


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