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In A Choice Between Bringing Down Trump Or Protecting Her Money – Guess Which Maxine Waters Just Chose?

Maxine Waters


In A Choice Between Bringing Down Trump Or Protecting Her Money – Guess Which Maxine Waters Just Chose?

Ever since Donald Trump’s stunning election, one of the loudest voices protesting not just his policies but also his very existence is Congresswoman, Maxine Waters. She has railed against his government since day one and has chanted “Impeach 45” at every available opportunity. But now she is faced with a choice between bringing down the President or protecting a major source of her personal wealth…Guess which she chose?

Waters has decided to put all of her efforts into opposing the Financial Choice Act; which is essentially a real of the Dodd-Frank Act that allowed the Banks to be bailed out after their disastrous financial management (you can read the Key Provisions here). And for her, this is a VERY personal campaign.  in fact, Waters was charged with three counts of violating House ethics regulations for applying for Financial help for a bank at which her husband had been a director and still owned shares in. This netted the Waters family a cool $1 Million.

As reported in Mad World News:

Maxine is really invested in this piece of legislation because she got rich off of the financial crisis in 2008. Maxine’s husband sat on the board of directors at One United Bank, and she got them a huge bailout. As Judicial Watch reported, “[T]he House Ethics Committee charged Rep. Waters with three counts of violating House rules and ethics regulations in connection with her use of power and influence on behalf of One United Bank. Waters broke the rules in requesting federal help [bailout money] for a bank where her husband owned stock and had served on the board of directors.”

Maxine got the failing bank twelve million dollars, and her local newspaper reports that Maxine’s take was a cool million, according to Judicial Watch. So, you have to think that it’s pretty suspect that she is so upset about this Finacial Choice Act. In fact, she’s so obsessed, she tweeted over 15 times about it in 48 hours and abandoned her impeach Trump effort.

Thanks to President Trump’s economic plan, Waters’ hopes were dashed when the bill passed. However, we do know she has another illegal scheme that pays her well. “Waters has also come under fire for skirting federal elections rules with a shady fundraising gimmick that allows her to receive unlimited amounts of donations from certain contributors,” reports Judicial Watch.

The whole purpose of the Financial Choice Act is to put an end to the idea that Banks should be bailed out and that some are “too big to fail”. The taxpayer money that was used to hold up these banks is your money…Waters has pocketed one million dollars of your money, yet she claims to be on the side of the poor and downtrodden. Waters is in politics for one reason only: to fill up her bank accounts.

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In a Tweet she stated that: “We will deal w/ the #ComeyHearing & lying Trump soon, but while you’re distracted, GOP wants to pass a #WallStreet giveaway.”

So she has clearly made her choice. Defeating her “Nemesis” has taken the back seat to the lining of her nest egg; if you ever needed to know who she is this for, look no further.


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