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CAUGHT on Video! CNN FAKES MUSLIM PROTEST in Wake of London Terror Attacks


CAUGHT on Video! CNN FAKES MUSLIM PROTEST in Wake of London Terror Attacks

The leading fake news network, aka CNN, has been caught on camera in an apparent staging of a Muslim protest. The video below surfaced just after this week’s London terror attacks. It shows a CNN crew apparently setting up and choreographing the entire event.

This constitutes entertainment, not news.

You can hear people laughing off camera towards the end of the video. You can see British media and CNN correspondent Becky Anderson staging the propaganda for the crowd.

It’s truly sickening to realize the extent they will go to push the deceitful, fake narrative that these “Muslim moms” were there the entire time. Unreal!

CNN tried very hard to defend itself, and denied the accusations.

It is really tough to defend when video evidence clearly shows the crew setting the whole thing up right in front of their cameras. Shouldn’t they be rushing to a scene? Outrageous.

As for the fake signs you’ve printed out and had the “crowd” pick to hold up… what a load of malarkey! You’ve been caught fabricating the truth… AGAIN!

Via Breitbart London:

CNN has been forced to deny staging an anti-jihadist protest by ‘Muslim Mothers’ for a “fake news” report, after raw footage appeared to show the event was choreographed for the cameras.

The video shows Anderson and a substantial crew appearing to direct the mostly female “demonstrators”, who file under a cordon one at a time under the watchful eye of nearby police constables.

Flowers are laid out around the group as it appears, and printed placards bearing slogans such as ‘#Love Will Win’ and ‘#TurnToLove’ are spread out.

After crew members make sure everyone is in place, Anderson begins her report saying, “What I want to show you now, viewers, is a wonderful scene” – to muffled laughter from Mark Antro, who filmed the set-up, and other bystanders.

CNN is NOT credible at all!

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And let’s not forget they give the Presidential Debate questions to Hillary.

Moreover, they along with all the other lame-stream media networks seem to have become nothing but government tools. They have no honor, no ethics, and there is no truth in much of what they report on.

The sad thing is that CNN does this all the time, and yet many people continue to believe everything they say. Remember when they got caught supposedly staging fake rescue scenes at the Pulse night club, and, just a few months ago, they were busted filming an interview between two reporters who were allegedly on different sides of the world, but it turned out they were standing right next to each other in the same parking lot.

At this point, Keeping Up with the Kardashians seems less fabricated than CNN reports.

Ultimately, one thing seems to be clear: The deceit has most definitely reached alarming levels.

Share this EVERYWHERE if you agree that this is utterly disgraceful, and that we as Americans are being fed propaganda every day, all day by the mainstream media.


Source: Breitbart London


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