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Buddhist Monk Accurately Calls Out Muslims


Buddhist Monk Accurately Calls Out Muslims

Muslims have gained international infamy for their arguably inherent nature involving violence, bigotry, and utter intolerance towards other groups of people. As noted by a Voice of Europe interview, Muslims are now attempting to take over Burmese people and force the Islamic way of life upon them.

Liberals often preach of how tolerant Islam is and how peaceful Muslims are, yet reports from countries who are receiving Muslims in mass numbers indicate otherwise. Additionally, many Muslims were outraged when a Buddhist Monk accurately pinpointed their nature, calling them what they truly are. His remarks are as follows:

“If every race and religion will become good, genuine friends, there is no reason we can’t live together peacefully. Whether we live together peacefully or not, is not up to the Burmese people. It depends on the Muslims. They are devouring the Burmese people, destroying Buddhism and Buddhist order, forcefully taking actions to establish Myanmar as an Islamic country, and forcefully implementing them.”

“Muslims are like African carps. They breed rapidly, have violent behavior, and eat its own kind and other fish. They also destroy the natural resources and beauty underwater. Even though they are a minority, our entire race has suffered a great deal under the burden of the minority. The majority Burmese have not intruded, corrupted, or abused them, but we have been suffering under their burden. That is why if there are as many Muslims as there are Buddhists, Myanmar could never be at peace.”

Muslims and those who support them will claim the aforementioned statements are cruel and Islamophobic, but are they really? Muslims inherently follow Islamic law, which tells them to wage war upon the infidels, convert or kill non-believers, etc. The majority of Muslims follow these teachings which are antithetical to peacefully assimilating and living in harmony with others.

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The above statements from the Buddhist Monk are not the first negative reports about Muslims. Many people have had unpleasant encounters with Muslims and documented the experiences on social media:

If the above remarks anger Muslims, perhaps they need to look in the mirror. They are not the victims. Islamophobia is justified when murder, honor killings, FGM, and other atrocities are involved. If Muslims continue imposing their ways of life on others, they should expect to be called out and condemned.

Please share this latest example of the dangers of Islam with your friends and family on social media. Join the controversial debate and leave your thoughts, opinions, and remarks in the comments section below.


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