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Why Are British Jihadi Brides Permitted To Return Home?


Why Are British Jihadi Brides Permitted To Return Home?

Recent reports have shown that several British Jihadi brides have been permitted to return home following orders from (or the deaths of) their murderous husbands. While some people view these women as victims, others perceive them as complicit co-conspirators who aided their spouses in heinous acts of terrorism.

Over 50 British women have gone to Iraq and Syria over the past few years. While some were accompanied by their husbands and children, others traveled solo after being duped by ISIL social media vanguards who portrayed the Jihadi bride lifestyle as romantic, pious, and adventurous. These women are rapidly learning that the fairy tale presented to them was merely a cheap illusion.

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A German ISIL bride claims women are “like slaves,” lacking fair treatment and the ability to leave houses where they all live together. Additionally, she states that 35% of women leave due to the deaths of their husbands.

These women are not innocent victims. Those who manage to arrive at the Turkish border have done so by evading battle lines and checkpoints and working with smugglers who charge as much as thousands of pound for each trip.

Many people have taken to social media to express their thoughts, opinions, and concerns regarding Jihadi brides.

When these women enter Turkey and seek aid, officials are rightfully wary of them. They are faced with questions from law enforcement officers. Any arrests, charges, or surveillance measures depend on the Jihadi brides’ prior involvement in terrorism while they were abroad.


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