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Breaking News: Seth Rich Investigators Are Now Claiming THIS! – Is the DNC Downfall Here?

Seth Rich Investigators Are Now Claiming THIS! – Is the DNC Downfall Here?


Breaking News: Seth Rich Investigators Are Now Claiming THIS! – Is the DNC Downfall Here?

A shocking new insight into what really happened to murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich, has just been revealed by a group called The Profiling Project; and it may spell the end of the whole DNC!

The Profiling Project is a group who are all expert forensic psychologists and former instructors and teachers at George Washington University. After examining all the evidence available into what happened to the Democrat worker, they have come up with one, inescapable conclusion: It was the work of a Hit Man!

When sensitive emails and documents belonging to the DNC (many of which were embarrassing for people like Hillary Clinton and John Podesta) were leaked to an associate of WikiLeak’s Julian Assange, the Democrats were quick to point the finger at Donald Trump and collusion with the Russians. But police and FBI investigations have discovered that they can be traced directly back to Seth Rich, who at the time was disillusioned with the party due to their treatment of Bernie Sanders.

But before light could be shed on the leaks, Rich was murdered in what Washington PD described as a robbery gone wrong. The profiling project says differently.


As reported in the Angry Patriot Movement:

The horrible news concerning the murder of Seth Rich has kept our country captivated and waiting for more information. A bombshell just came through that proves what we already suspected.

According to World Net Daily, a group called the Profiling Project examined the murder of Seth Rich to see if they could uncover the truth. They spent MONTHS investigating the evidence, discussing motives, and trying to dig deep to find out why this man died. They came to the likely conclusion that he was MURDERED by a HIRED killer or a serial murderer!

Their research found that it was NOT a robbery or a random homicide. The way that it all happened leads them to believe the executioner was a hired killer. The group also concluded that the investigation into this case and, therefore, finding out who did this, is being slowed down both intentionally and unintentionally.

It got so dangerous that the group did not interview any actual witnesses because they were afraid retaliation might fall on THEM for speaking about what they know. When THAT comes up you know something isn’t right.

One of the most damning pieces of evidence in the eyes of the investigators was the way the crime scene looked. The report states, “The crime scene was very organized to the point of being sanitized. This would indicate careful planning on the part of the offender, control of the entry to and exit from the crime scene as well as an in-depth understanding of law-enforcement investigate processes.”

Not only do they believe that the murder was the work of a hired killer, they also claim that the investigation is being purposely hindered and obstructed by people high up in government. The only people that Seth Rich could damage were the DNC, the only people who would benefit from this investigation disappearing are the DNC. How long will we have to wait for a REAL investigation into the facts surrounding the murder of Seth Rich?

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Congress seems to have the time and money to launch six separate investigations (each lasting more than half a year) into possible wrongdoing by President Trump, and as of yet, have failed to provide a single piece of evidence. Yet the murder of Seth Rich is being ignored. Perhaps with this new conclusion by a field of experts, both Rich’s family and the American people will finally get some justice.


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