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BOOM: Ben Shapiro Tweets EPIC Response to Leftist on Gun Control in Wake of Las Vegas Massacre


BOOM: Ben Shapiro Tweets EPIC Response to Leftist on Gun Control in Wake of Las Vegas Massacre

Ben Shapiro has always had my respect and admiration.

The young conservative genius always has a witty, quick and factual response that will put less-than-informed liberals to shame.

While at Berkeley a few weeks ago, Shapiro, founder and editor-in-chief at The Daily Wire, dismantled weak liberal “argument” after weak liberal “argument” with facts, citations, and comprehensive analysis for each and every talking point he was faced with.

Now, in the wake of the horror in Las Vegas, many liberal leftist loons are pushing the gun control narrative like never before.

Maybe all of these people should try living in Chicago, Paris, or London, where gun laws are some of the strictest in the world, and where attackers have their way with unarmed and innocent civilians.

Nevertheless, Shapiro had an epic response for a liberal tweeter who was trying, and failing miserably at getting his readers to “do the math.”

His tweet read, “In Marseille a man with a knife killed 2 people. In Vegas a man with a gun killed 58. You don’t even have to do the math.”

Well, Shapiro as well as many conservatives know this is taking things out of proportion and context, by giving one simple example as a generalization. The ignorant tweeter doesn’t realize that people know the facts on gun control and its failures, which is why we have a 2nd Amendment to begin with.

So, Shapiro responded, “In Nice, a man with a truck killed 86. You should do more math.”


Here is the original tweet:

Truly epic.

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