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BLOCKADE: Democrats Threaten to Obstruct Border Wall Project with Government Shutdown


BLOCKADE: Democrats Threaten to Obstruct Border Wall Project with Government Shutdown

If this doesn’t prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that today’s Democrats are nothing but obstructionists, I do not know what will.

This is sheer madness, folks.

Liberals have always been pro-open borders, pro-globalism, and against any type of border security. Although the vast majority of Americans support the construction of a border wall, to keep drugs, thugs, and terrorists out, the liberal Democrats will still unanimously vote to obstruct the President’s America First agenda.

And they were elected to represent you and me, the people of the United States.

Vote the liberal Democrats out of office in the midterms!

They are now threatening a government shutdown on the heels of the 1.6 billion dollar approval by the House for the initial funding of the wall.

According to Breitbart:

Democrats are threatening to shutter many government agencies on October 1 unless President Donald Trump gives up his popular campaign promise to build the border wall against Mexico, according to Politico.

In response, Trump’s deputies are offering political compromises to Democrats, including a rise in domestic spending, says Politico:

The White House is pushing a deal on Capitol Hill to head off a government shutdown that would lift strict spending caps long opposed by Democrats in exchange for money for President Donald Trump’s border wall with Mexico, multiple sources said.

Marc Short, the White House’s director of legislative affairs, met with top staffers from both parties on the Senate Appropriations Committee last week to make a hard sell for the proposal, the sources said.

Short — who said the border funding would be used for a “double fence” — stressed that the White House is insisting on a down payment for construction this fall. Short also lobbied for a big budget increase for the Pentagon, another priority for Trump.

If Democrats block the spending plan, many government agencies will have to send their employees home. But national security agencies, and various aid programs, such as the Social Security program, would keep operating.

Trump’s pending request for an October funding package of $1.6 billion would help build roughly 62 miles of border wall. In May, Democrats — aided by a passive GOP leadership — blocked a 2017 funding package that would have helped quickly build 42 miles of wall.

Led by Sen. Chuck Schumer, Democrats are hoping to block any wall construction, so protecting the northward flow of government-dependent workers to Democratic-run cities, and also breaking Trump’s 2016 primary campaign promise.

But Democratic politicians are also being squeezed between their radical base and popular opinion, which favors Trump’s immigration reform plans. For example, Politico reported that Sen. Tammy Baldwin is opposing the border fence. “I do know for a fact that every [Democrat] considers wall funding to be a poison pill,” she told Politico.

But a recent poll shows that Trump’s immigration reform gets overwhelming support in Wisconsin where Baldwin must faced the voters in 2018. The June poll of 1,000 likely midterm voters was conducted for NumbersUSA, which favors Trump’s merit immigration reform.

I cannot stress this enough at this point: the liberal Democrats will do nothing but obstruct President Trump’s agenda. They need to go as soon as possible, and we have a chance to make a difference in 2018 in many areas!

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Vote them out!

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