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LOOK: The Bill Clinton Photo that is Going Viral…

Bill Clinton Photo that is Going Viral


LOOK: The Bill Clinton Photo that is Going Viral…

This is both hilarious and ironic.

Huffington Post contributing writer Yashar Ali just this morning tweeted a photo of former president Bill Clinton, that has since been retweeted and shared on other social media platforms tens of thousands of times, and has gone completely viral.

The photo was taken while the former president was visiting the George W Bush library in Texas.

Take a look at the picture in the tweet below:

Photo credit: @yashar

Clinton positioned himself right in between his predecessor and his successor for the lighthearted and amusing shot. However, his expression tells me another story.

Bill undid much of the good that had been done under the Reagan/Bush era, and also made trade and foreign relations much tougher for W. He seems to know that while posing for this photo.

Oh, and this Yashar Ali who tweeted the image, he is a Trump hater who seizes every opportunity he can to bash our President and his supporters. He’s even gone after Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. Just check out his Twitter feed. This is the type of guy following the Clintons around.

In any case, the photo has gained much popularity online, and it is an amusing one!

Share this if you agree that there is something both hilarious and ironic about this picture!

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