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ATTACK ON FREE SPEECH: Trump Logos, Slogans, Quotes ERASED from High School Yearbook!


ATTACK ON FREE SPEECH: Trump Logos, Slogans, Quotes ERASED from High School Yearbook!

Democrats censoring stuff? No way!

This is insanity! So much for free speech.

Wall Township High School in New Jersey is the center of controversy this week. Students and parents alike were outraged to find that their slogans, t-shirt logos, and even quotes by President Trump, were GONE. These items they had selected to commemorate their high-school time period had been forcibly edited out, photoshopped, or otherwise removed by school staff.

According to the NY Post:

Fake photos!

Parents at a New Jersey high school are outraged that their kids’ yearbook photos were Photoshopped to remove pro-Trump slogans on their clothing.

One student at Wall HS had the “TRUMP Make America Great Again” motto deleted from his T-shirt, while a junior classmate had his fleece “Trump” vest sanitized. A third student, the freshman class president, was stunned to see that her selected quote — a Trump utterance — never made it to print.

“I want all the yearbooks reissued. Everybody gets a brand-new yearbook,” fumed Joseph Berardo, whose 17-year-old son, Grant, donned the Trump T-shirt on picture day last fall. 

An update from Yahoo News reveals that the yearbook’s adviser, a teacher at the high school, was suspended following the fallout from the incident:

A New Jersey school district has suspended a teacher after yearbook photos of two high school students were altered to remove President Donald Trump’s name on their clothing.

Wall Township School Superintendent Cheryl Dyer told News 12 New Jersey on Monday the yearbook’s adviser was suspended while an investigation is underway. Further details about the suspension and the investigation were not disclosed, and Dyer did not immediately respond Monday to an email from The Associated Press seeking further comment.

However, it remains unclear who altered the yearbook photos or why. A spokesman for Jostens, the company that takes the photographs and prints the yearbooks for the district, did not respond to requests for comment on Monday.

Ultimately, I am certain, beyond any hint of doubt, that there would have been no problem with the yearbook pictures if the students’ shirts said Obama or gay pride. Schools allow one point of view and that view is liberalism.

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Additionally, it’s disheartening knowing that Liberals, who are supposedly all for free speech and rights for everybody, violently silence those they oppose, and will go out of their way to bury it when it goes against their views or they don’t like it.

The Truth?

The truth is, Liberals have co-opted the mainstream media, academia, corporate America, and even the FBI as messengers for their liberal agenda.

This is getting ridiculous. The left is going overboard with this Trump hating.

Moreover, as for the suspension of this Liberal nutcase of a “teacher,” this nut should have his or her teaching credentials pulled completely. Who in their right mind would censor a student shirt like this? Answer: A Liberal nut who believes in the same kind of censorship that exists in North Korea and Venezuela.

The primary goal of a public education is to teach students to be good citizens, and stepping on the First Amendment rights of a student because you don’t agree with a political movement means you not only do not respect the Constitution, but have no business working in a public school in the United States – period.


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