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ALERT: US Intelligence Officials Confirm: North Korea is Much More Dangerous Than We Feared…


ALERT: US Intelligence Officials Confirm: North Korea is Much More Dangerous Than We Feared…

Until very recently, reports from US intelligence officials and other experts had assessed that North Korea’s latest tests showed that they could not strike the continental US.

The latest few tests had experts debating whether the North Koreans, led by complete lunatic Kim Jong Un, could strike Alaska, or possibly a part of the West Coast, but never the mainland.

They were wrong.

The latest US intelligence from the ICBM launches has confirmed that North Kore can in fact strike almost the ENTIRE continental US with their current capabilities.

According to the Daily Caller:

North Korea’s intercontinental ballistic missile can strike targets across America, according to U.S. intelligence officials.

North Korea tested the Hwasong-14 ICBM for the second time on July 28, demonstrating previously-unseen offensive capabilities. The missile flew for around 45 minutes, soaring to a maximum altitude of about 2,300 miles and covering a distance of roughly 600 miles.

Expert observers assessed that if the missile fired along a standard trajectory, it would have a range between 6,500 miles and 6,800 miles, putting most of the continental U.S. within striking distance.

The Pentagon has not released information on the range of the missile, but two intelligence officials have confirmed that Pyongyang likely has the ability to launch an attack against cities across the U.S., escalating the threat, Reuters reports.

The missile test on July 28 performed better than the Hwasong-14 tested earlier last month. Experts and defense officials estimated that the first missile could hit targets at ranges somewhere between 4,600 miles and 5,900 miles, putting Alaska, and possibly Hawaii and parts of the West Coast, in range.

This does not sound good at all.

With this coming out of secure, trusted sources, it is about time that we take action to make sure this never happens to our country.

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This report will clearly hit the news sites all across the country within hours, and will prompt a much more serious discussion. The sense of urgency must be at the highest level.

Surely President Trump and his amazing team of experts have a plan.

But Bowl Cut Jr. is a madman, and we cannot afford to simply stay tuned and wait.

Something must be done about this rogue regime before their mindless leader gets into a crazy mood and makes a big mistake.

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Source: Daily Caller


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